Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dreaming Of A Medical Profession

Did you ever think of pursuing a different course when you were still in college? On my part, I never thought that I would took up an engineering course since I always wanted to be part of media, art and a lot of social activities. But nevertheless, my engineering course is something I am most proud of. Just imagine surviving your five year college life with all math and science subjects not to mention other major subjects too. Honestly, I am always fascinated of medical courses. I remember when I was younger, I always say that I’ll become a doctor, a surgeon actually. But after learning that I need to spend more than eight years, I decided not to pursue it.

Now I am glad that there are medical assistant schools that we can choose from.I remember my husband-to-be during our early years of courtship enrolled for a medical assistant course for additional skills. Though he didn’t put into practice his learning, I know that someday, when it’s time to move in a foreign land, he can apply for a medical assistant position.

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