Sunday, September 14, 2008

Too Tired

For the past weeks, Leo and I are busy doing a LOT of errands for our wedding. I even have to sacrifice my sleep for Saturday morning (my home based job ends at 9am) so we could go to our suppliers. I’ve been very busy reviewing our contracts and expenses, which gives me so much stress lately… Hahaha..

It’s good to know that Leo can accompany me all the time, which means I have a driver in tow. So I can take a quick nap on our way. It’s been a long time already since I held a gear, and I must say that having honey around is so precious! All I have to do is give him the directions or at times, I let him check the map on the supplier’s site.

Our whole Saturdays of September are already full. In fact I have a scheduled meetings for October and November already.

September 15 – NSO & QP for our invitations

September (No particular date yet) – need to arrange our documents
September 20 – House Blessing & My Brother’s Party
September 27 – Trip to Greenhills
October 6 – Meeting with my OTD
October 15 – Brother’s Graduation Day (MBA class)
October 18 – Ento Fittings
November 6 – Prenup Schedule

See, I really need to plan my itinerary well. It’s good to know also that fuel prices went down somehow cause this means savings for us too. What I need right now is a good massage. Haay!!

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michy said...

good luck to me if i were in your place. I might not be able to cover everything in time. i suck when it comes to schedules!