Saturday, September 20, 2008

Here It Comes!!!

We have barely months to go and I guess we haven't accomplished the small details that we need for the wedding. I have to admit that I am so stress lately; lack of sleep, wedding stress, our budget, and other errands. I never thought that this would be so stressful. Usually, I nod whenever a friend bride would tell me that wedding preparations can be tiring and that your relationship with your partner can put to a test. No, I haven’t cried yet but many times I would want to lock myself in my room for one day and just have my own ME time. Oh well, what can I do but to shrug this off and look forward.

So what we have accomplished so far... Well, I would say that so far so good. But on a second note we need to double time. This is our last leg of our preparations and somehow frustrations comes in. But whatever it is, I am so happy that there are people like my mom who helps and gives me all out support.

Last Monday, I headed to NSO to get a copy of our Birth Certificates and Cenomar. Prior to this, I already inquired to have it delivered to our place but I find it quite expensive and this will ruin my budget. But when I was there, filling out the forms, I said to myself, gosh, I can't do it. Plus the fact, that h2b was not with me and of course his signature is needed. So I said to myself that this will be useless. I then thought of the NSO delivery so I decided to pursue that instead. Good thing also, that our driver's mother-in-law is working at NSO and she can help us get the certificates at a lower cost. Maybe we saved around 200 pesos.. Well, I just wait for our copies and hopefully we can get it before the week ends.

Monday, Sept. 15, was also our schedule to go to our invitation maker. Leo couldn't find time to be with me so I went on my own instead and didn't manage to complain. So, anyways, we decided back then that we will go for QP and get the traditional designs. We have scouted a LOT of invitation maker as well as printing press but no one has really caught our attention well. When I was lurking at SM the Block, I saw a Printed Matter booth (there are my first choice actually), and so I went and ask. I was checking on their designs and really so far they impressed me. Well, if you know me, I would like to play with colors (as in different colors) and by far, they are the only invitation supplier who can do that at a cheaper rate. We have also set a budget for it and while thinking, why not go for it. Believe it or not, I spent almost 4 hours in their booth thinking about our wedding design and concept. Really wow! I couldn't wait to see our mock up designs next week.

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michy said...

hay, kawawa ka naman! Pero sige lang! you will get what you want which will make your wedding a very special day!