Sunday, September 21, 2008

To The Highest Level

I just blog days ago regarding all the stresses I am feeling right now. And if there's something that would complicate or add into this situation, perhaps, I will suffer from an emotional stress. Which I hope not.

Last Saturday morning, around 4 am, Leo (my husband-to-be) got into an accident. He knew that I am awake that time because my shift will end at 9am, and yes I am the only person that he could call at the wee hours of the morning. He told me that his windshield was broken and he is in quezon avenue. He asked me to come there and so I said yes. I asked also what had happened, if he was drunk, what happened to the car, and so on. But the only words that he keeps on saying is “puntahan ko sya”. I asked my brother to accompany me and he said that we asked my dad’s permission first. At least he would know where we are. To my surprise, my dad volunteered to go with me and we headed to quezon avenue.

I know Leo was so worried cause I have been receiving non-stop text from him. He is worried about the car, the additional expenses, that he will be on leave for a week, and so on. But what I was thinking right now if he is safe more than ever. When we saw him at quezon avenue, I knew already that he is drunk. I could smell the beer plus he looks so wasted. Though he suffered from bruises on the head, thank God it wasn’t deep. The only fear I have back then is what if something really bad happened.

I don’t want to aggravate things even more but I was in deep shit when I learned that he was drunk, he drove fast and yes he fell asleep while driving. Reason why he bumped in one of the island or post in quezon avenue. I actually can’t stop myself from texting him in ALL CAPS “ You should have thought about it.” I mean, hello, we have months before our wedding and yes we are really saving our moolahs to the max cause we have unexpected expenses. I know it hurts but sometimes, there is a need for a reality check.

I contacted his parents in the US, cause I know more than ever, they need to know what happened. As expected, they were in shock, hurt, and of course mad a bit but those were only their initial reactions. They advised me to accompany Leo at the hospital to at least be checked by a doctor and be given of first aid. As expected, Leo is more than concerned with his vehicle. When we were in the car, I couldn’t even bother to say something. I was bit low, I wanted to cry, in my mind, this guy that I am bound to marry is totally irresponsible with his life.

The doctor said that since he was conscious and that he didn’t vomit, there is no need to undergo x-ray. He was given anti-tetanus, antibiotics, and pain reliever for his medication. Still, I was blank. Maybe I was really mad not because of selfish reasons but because more than anything else, I was expecting that he should be MORE careful since we have months away before our big day. A s if someone slapped me in my face so hard. After our hospital stint, I was trying to convince him to stay in our house for the meantime, at least I will be there to check on him from time to time. But he keeps on insisting that he’ll just go home and rest there. Well, I am too tired of insisting also that’s why we parted ways after eating breakfast.

I went home really bad. And still I wanted to cry but no tears are coming out. What a strong person I am! I hit the sack but I really could not sleep and so I just helped my mom in the kitchen since we will be having a house blessing at lunch time.

Still, I got a text from Leo that he is so sad and so on and the usual me, tried to comfort my future husband who I know more than anything else is suffering with so much pain. What else can I do but give him strength. I just wish that this time, he will listen and learn from this.


Babette said...

It's good that he wasn't hurt, he got lucky this time. You are right to feel that way, what he did was totally irresponsible. He could've caused someone else their lives. I hope he learned his lesson: Don't drink and drive.

patty said...

Thank God, walang nangyaring masama sa kanya. At the least, he's okay. Just don't forget to pray for God's protection. Lapit na kaiu.

Gracie said...

naku girl, buti na lang walang nangyaring masama kay Leo. that's the most important thing of all. i'm sure he's learned his lesson by now & he'll be responsible na from hereon. he's so lucky to have you - i'm sure alam nya na yun ngayon. and it's a good sign that one of you were stronger when it kept the balance.
these are just wake up calls of how vulnerable we are as human beings. at the end of the day, it's God that decides for us.
take care, girl, and pray hard. keep strong. miss you, too!

Cielo said...

take a lot of ingatz to both of you sis....our olds would usually remind us to always take a lot care and be extar careful if you are soon to graduate, soon to wed and soon to celebrate any other important celebration that will change your life.

romantic princess said...

accidents happen in unexpected time and place.. kya nga accident. dont blame anyone or anybody or even God. be thankful that no one died.

God has a purpose why that accident happened and both of you should reflect on that.

ingat na lang and remind your future husband and kahit sayo or sa faily and friends mo, DONT DRINK AND DRIVE. ask someone to drive for you or mag taxi para makaiwas sa alanganin.