Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Join him in playing, perhaps?

I always kid my husband-to-be that sooner or later, his joy of playing cards will definitely be out of the picture. So say goodbye to late night games of playing poker, rummy games, wild card guess, and so much more with his closest friends. But frankly speaking, I know that playing card games is part of his growing up years, so how can I literally say no if he asked once in a while. Well, I don’t want to be selfish but if this is his form of releasing stress, can I say No? Of course not. So honey, yes, from time to time I will let you play.


Nica said...

Sissy, I'd bet you make a great wife.

romantic princess said...

gurl, it seems like you cant change your husband-to-be's habit or hobby. months from now youll both be in a different state or phase of your lives. your husband-to-be should have wider and serious views regarding this matter lalo na pag lumalaki na ang family nyo, i mean pag may mga anak na kayo. kahit na sabihin natin na you both can afford to have that kind of hobby, di pa din maganda coz we never know what will or may happen in the future. hope mapag usapan nyong maigi yan ng future husband mo.

bf-gf relationship is very different from husband-wife relationship. sabi nga ng iba, di mo pwedeng isoli ang husband/wife mo pag ayaw mo na unlike pag bf-gf p lng eh pwede kayo maghiwalay without any hassles.

be more serious in life.