Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Better Service for NSO

I am so pissed off with the kind of service that our government has. Since we are completing all our important documents which includes Birth Certificate of course, we are having a hard time getting it. Imagine, we called their hotline several times already, asking my h2b's status of birth certificate.

As they say, they already have a computerized system but what a heck. They cannot even find my hubby’s BC. Oh my! Well, I had a hard time getting mine too but at least when I went there to check if it’s ready, I don’t have to wait for so many hours unlike others who were there waiting from 9:30 am. Grabeh! Just imagine that! And one more thing, the “manang” or should I say the employee who gives the copy is so sungit to the max. Saying words like ang babastos and to think that she is more bastos. Can somebody help our government please! No wonder why red tape is everywhere. With the kind of system that we have, computerized ba talaga or manual ?? Haay naku.. BIG CHANGE please!


romantic princess said...

you should have done this kind of stuff months ago since we all know that some (not all) of our government agencies nowadays said theyre computerized na but they havent got to the point na parang kasing bilis ng system sa mga napapanood natin sa pelikula.

Until now I think mano mano pa din ang ginagawa nila.

be patient gurl, ganyan talaga lalo na pag kailangan mo na ung mga documents na ganyan, saka pa lang magkakaproblema.

Gracie said...

I feel sorry for you, girl. mahirap talaga yan…pero tyagaan dapat. We had the same problem with Ryan. Kaya nga when we asked for copies sa NSO, we ordered 3 copies na for each of us. Ayaw na naming bumalik!

I remember one time I talked to our Chief Economist here at work and asked him candidly if he thinks the Philippines will be able to eradicate corruption and red tape. his answer was a confident YES. he said that the only solution to such problems is by implementing e-commerce across all levels. when everything is electronic, you promote transparency and there is accountability regardless of stature or position.

Ang problema lang sa Pinas, half cooked lahat. Electronic nga pero di naman prepared ang mga staff. maraming rubbish info na nakapasok sa system and most of the time, yung mga dapat nandun eh wala. So nandun pa rin ang problem…hindi nawawala.