Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Everything Is Evolving

I am not a techie person. In fact, I seldom use our camera, my Ipod, and my cellphone. The most trusted gadget I have is my laptop, a Compaq Presario B1200. Not because I love to tinker with its pad but because I need this machine for work. Nevertheless, it is my most prized possession now ever since it provides for my income and having the luxury to work at home. Aside from work activities, our important documents, pictures, schedules and meetings are also stored here. And yes at times, I am convinced of buying an external hard disk drive for back up purposes.

I would say that somehow I am immersed with the new technology that we can enjoy now since I am working home based. I never imagine that I can go to meeting using an online based conference software, the advancement of voice over IP helps me communicate with our US and UK clients, the power of google documents, free communication services like Skype, YM, and so much more. At the end of the day, I can’t help but smile cause I know, when the day comes that working at home becomes rampant, technology indeed has a major part of and I am glad that I am one of the few people who experienced it.

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