Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wonder Tree

As they say, all commodities right now are increasing, and same goes with the vegetables. Every week I ran to the supermarket so I know how hard it is to really maximize the budget. That’s why one day, I brought home seedlings of various herbs so at least this would not add to my grocery list. Best of all, it is fresh and can just be picked in our garden, not to mention that they also smells very good. I just cannot wait to see them growing and multiply.

Another interesting thing to note is all along we have a Malunggay tree in the backyard or Moringa in English. Ever since the news broke about how nutritious the Malunggay leaves is, it has become staple in our everyday menu. From pork to fish and pasta and other dishes, we are adding malunggay leaves, may it be fresh or dried. Who could ever imagine that this Malunggay tree, often ignored is abundant with so much nutrition and vitamins. Not to mention that this can easily be found in our own backyard or at our neighbors perhaps so everyone could really benefit from this. Kudos to this tree or should I say wonder vegetable!

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Kerslyn said...

and they say its a tree of fertility too....:-)