Friday, January 16, 2009

2009.. New Year and A New You

I know this is kinda late but well, I've been very busy lately.. Hope that is enough excuse.. So, what brings me in writing this article? Not much really. It just sinks in that hey, it's 2009 already and what better way to start the year right is to accomplish a LOT of things as early as now. Am I correct?

Oh well, if you ask me it seems that I am still floating. Coming from a 3 week vacation and enjoying the compliments of our wedding hoopla, my mood is still on vacay. Can you blame me? But as I've said, I have to do something realistic now especially that I have a partner and we have lots of plans to accomplish.

Don't want to enumerate my goals this year coz honestly I am quite lazy. But if there's one thing I need to do more, basically is to feed my mind, my body and my soul. And when to start? My answer is SOONEST!


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