Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

It was the same month last year when I started blogging. I thought all the while this will be a waste of time but since then I am grateful that this has become my style of entertainment. Although I am not a frequent blogger compared before, been on hiatus for days, in spite of everything this is what I take pleasure in – writing! And certainly, I couldn’t ask for more especially when I learned that I could make money blogging too. So imagine how jubilant I was.

As much as I remember, I used my earnings to pay our wedding invitation supplier. One of the reasons why I overindulge on that section. Nevertheless, I look forward to more blog marketing this year and years to come. In one way or another, this is a first rate marketing tool; advertising and broadcasting your products at the world wide web. Technology is without a doubt great invention!

I now recommend to my other friends to try and put up their own blog page. After all, It can be anything under the sun. No hold bars, as long as you can allocate superfluous time to bring up to date your site. On the contrary, since any person has the liberty to write any subject matter, one should be aware of their responsibility also.

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