Friday, January 30, 2009

........ zZZzzz

Eventhough I only had one hour of sleep, I don't mind at all.

My brother visited me in our humble abode, we had lunch.. I cooked "daing" and re-heated "adobong baboy" (our viand the other day) and served ice cream with bananas for dessert... Yummy! Had a nice chit chat and great laughs while slicing the cake he brought for us which reminds me that I almost ate it.. Sarap eh..

We hit the road after, accompanied me to some errands... and yes, I bought some things for myself...

It's been awhile that I bought some books.. hahaa... so instead of one, I bought three... oh well, I should have used mom's extension card for this. Anyways, bought some dvds as well and some grocery items..

So indeed it was worth while afterall.

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