Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Finding Balance

If you think that United States is not needing any job opportunities now, read this. This is far better than not having any source of income, right? So how are we coping too? Well, we have to hold tight on our jobs, save for the rainy days, and expect the worst. I guess as my boss says: It's All About Balance.. And she is correct.. I mean amidst all these crisis that we have, we must set our priorities pretty well and if things went overboard, we must know how to make ammends or better yet adjust!

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Anonymous said...

make a tight grip on your expences.. don't spend on things that is not in your "NEEDS" list, kung nasa "WANTS" lng maybe pwede ipagpaliban na bilhin. save for tomorrow although hindi nmn kailangang magtipid to the max, dont spend more than what you earn di ba.

for example, you love to read books and since ur always on the net naman, why don't you try reading na lang over the net.

another example, little personal accessories na you can live without it naman eh pwede na din wag bilhin.

it's for our own sake naman lahat ng pagtitipid na gagawin ng bawat isa.