Tuesday, March 03, 2009


This blog needs an overhaul, what do you think?? More topics, pictures, updates, etc etc. After all, my journey in writing has a very interesting start. For some reasons I have to religiously update my sanctuary and not just post topics but really interesting topics (who else would be my mentor, right?). So from now on, yes, this needs a facelift. Oh, wish me luck. I tend to be lazy most of the time :)


Talking about reinvention.. Are you a Katie Holmes fan? Well, I was once fond of her during Dawson's Creek series (is my spelling correct?). But what amazes me everytime I see her pics in the net is her confidence. She is not afraid to let her hair down, has her own style, and even though she is Mrs. Tom Cruise, she is living life to the fullest--wife, motherhood, and actress.. That makes an ultimate woman..

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