Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WoWowee -- A TV Show for Filipino People

I am not a fan of WoWowee but sometimes the show really makes sense. We often times laugh with their game contestants but in reality, people who join the show’s contests are only finding means and ways to survive in everyday living.

As my mentor blog in her site, the Monday’s episode was really touching. Just imagine how jeepney and tricycle drivers, housemaids, among others are really working hard to send their children in law and medical school. Yes, you heard it right. For all we know, these people are only earning not even ten thousand or more in a month but they persevere and don’t complain at all. Amidst all the hardships and struggling for living, truly they are inspiring.

Like what I said in her post, I even appreciate more my parents’ adversity all these years now that I am married. I am lucky to have wonderful parents who strove hard and provided us with all the comforts in life. Though during our younger years, we tend to whine sometimes. Looking back, I know it is somehow guilty.

To the staff and hosts of Wowee, continue to give inspiration to the Filipino people not only here in the Philippines but all over the globe.


Anonymous said...

correct me if im wrong, what is is WOWEE show? what i know is wowowee or something in channel 2. anyway, this program has so many problem technically that were shown, parang scripted na din ung mga nananalo.

im not actually against this show pero sana wag na nila lokohin ang mga tao. you can watch those technical problems they encountered in "youtube". I hope im not being bias in my comment. napanood ko kasi ung mga mali nila sa mga contest nila

Nica said...

Hate to admit it, but I love Wowowee. Its pure entertainment for me. And no matter what stupid thing Willy has done and will do in the past, there is no denying that he is loved by the masses.