Tuesday, May 05, 2009

a NEW ME..

Working at the convenience of your own home can be truly awesome. You can work even without taking a bath, and most of all, you do not need to commute going to the office. It’s a luxury I guess.

On the other hand, it has lots of disadvantages as well and that’s been bugging me for months now. Well, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy my work so much and until now I cannot believe that the virtual workplace does exist. And so, if there are any complaints, well, maybe because I moved to a different house now (hubby’s home) and I don’t have any companions here so I need to wait hubby to get home. Quite boring isn’t? And of course, boys will always be boys… Though I know he is excited to see me when he gets home, well he has “extra” activities to keep him sane. So to keep the story short.. yes, I am quite bored. Bored because I am working alone in the four corners of the room.. Though constant chats keeps me company.. what I miss I guess is real action..

So anyways, to end this misery, I need to do something for myself. Mom actually gave me good ideas and I've been doing it since the start of the week.

1) Do not wear your everyday clothes when going to virtual work.
2) Put on some make up. (This makes sense since I only apply colors on weekends)
3) Listen to good music.
4) Go out after work.
5) Make new friends.
6) Treat yourself every now and then.

I guess the list goes on..

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