Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I want to TRAVEL!

I just got a word from my mom that they will be going to Pearl Farm on their 31st Wedding Anniversary this August. Wow naman. Sarap. Well, my brother and I will agree that they both deserve a vacay afterall, they have been working so much.. Hmm.. Parang I need one too kaya.

Anyways, I've been planning for an out of town vacation as well but I guess it would be either September or October. I just need to finalize everything and of course, save and save.. I have a roundtrip ticket already so my only dilemma is to reserve one for the husband. Indefinite itinerary is Cebu and Bohol but if everything fails, we'll be heading to Bora (my favorite sanctuary). Well, I guess I should start saving and saving (pass muna sa bags, shoes, makeups, and dresses).

Oh, by the way, my brother just got home from his trip to HK. Sarap noh!


My Pink Shoelace said...

I was in Pearl Farm last December and I love the place. It sure is nice. Had a great time there. Can't wait to go back.

Hannie said...

Hi...Like your site... Hope you can visit mine as well...