Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Isn't He The Sweetest..

After my OB check up yesterday, I felt very bad as if my heart crashed. No, there's no bad news or anything. But the thing is, I just realise that no matter I restrain myself from the pressure of family and friends regarding baby news, I am so much affected. So, I asked the husband if he wanted us to follow my OB's work up plan. Well, he likes kids so I guess he is just waiting for my answer instead. I bought the medicines and vitamins at the pharmacy and then went home for dinner. I am quiet the whole time and really thinking too loud. What am I supposed to do... isip isip...?

I was tinkering with my laptop and talking to a friend in Skype when suddenly tears began flowing in my eyes... Oh my... Again, this is it... Pressured na ako! Actually, I am not pressured of getting preggy (cause I know it will literally come at the right time), I guess it's more like I am pressuring myself to take my OB's order so everyone would stop asking me if there's a baby coming. Kainis!

I could not say if we were both okay last night. But this morning, before he left, he just bid his usual goodbye morning kiss. He knows that if I am not speaking, something is wrong and he is right. Again, I am quiet the whole time, went back to my laptop and work on some opportunities.

By 10am, I got a text from the husband if I am okay. -- I just said " I wanna go somewhere else alone.. Then he said, let’s just watch movie later... And instantly, a smile was put into my face... Grabeh, the big lump that I was feeling this morning was gone.

So tell me, Isn't He the Sweetest Person on Earth? I tell you, he is the only person who could make me smile when my spirits are low and if my days are dark! He may not be my ideal Romeo, but I would say that he is to me the best person that could really, really ponder to my stubbornness. Thanks husband!


Gracie said...

gurl, friendly advice: don't let anyone pressure you into producing a baby. it is always up to you & Leo if you will go through the OBs suggested route. i know it's utterly annoying when people bug you about having a bun in the oven 'cos we've gone through that, too. pasok sa isa, labas sa kabila na lang. kung dadating, dadating, di ba?
hang in there, friend. God will send your little angel in His time.
take care!

Kerslyn said...

hi sis! it's good to be back.

oh, regarding baby thing, I really don't pressure myself. two years na nga kami kasal wala pa rin so we are just waiting for it to come and enjoy our life together habang wala pang baby. if makikinig ako sa mga relatives and friends, mape-pressure talaga ako but I don't take it seriously. afterall, d naman sila ang magpapalaki ng baby d ba? so habang nire-ready pa tayo ni Lord for that BIG responsibility, enjoy the company of each other nalang muna. kasi pag may baby na, iba na priorities at magbago na rin takbo ng life natin. cheer up sis!

michy said...

wow! congratulations! it means you truly found the guy for you... don't worry about the baby stuff, things happen in it's own time... look at the bright side, you have someone beside you which makes you closer to the goal, ako nga no boyfriend since birth... hehehe, which makes me wonder sometimes if i'd ever have a baby of my own.

thelavinamonologues said...

I was reading your blog and I think you might find this blog helpful to you, she goes through her difficulty with having a child (although you need to back track to 2009 and before to begin her story, her baby is now 1!) Your time will come :)