Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthday Gift

7 days before my birthdate, my mom already surprised me with a gift.

It was something very special since I was with her when she bought it. Initially, she asked me if I wanted a bag (LV na sana) but for whatever reason, I wanted something different.

When we went to this jewelry store, I somehow knew, what would be her gift. Although, I am not sure as well if she's gonna buy me one since she's been addicted to jewelry buying now(every week, she tells me -- Look at my new gem). So I just wait and see.. And whola, she asked me to try this two-toned (yellow gold and rose gold)loop earrings similar to the one we had before.

And yes, been LVoing it and will be wearing it on my birthdate!

Here it is...

And the price tag? Don't bother to ask... Very expensive I tell you.

Thanks Mom!