Thursday, December 03, 2009

Definitely A Year Wiser!

...And so I turned a year older last November 30!

I don’t usually go to work since my birth date falls on a legal holiday. But since I am now a Contractor and my birthday is not considered as international holiday, I did my usual working day routine. The only difference is I ordered breakfast for me and the husband since I am so lazy to cook (birthday ko kaya). Of course, Jollibee to the rescue!

Then, the husband handed me his birthday gift! Ahem ahem... with matching “Honey, happee birthday!” Yup yup..

Everyone in the virtual office greeted me with a bang (one of my bosses greeted me at 4am- AUS time of course) in skype. The ugly part is, my internet connection got disconnected at 11am… What a headache! I swear, nakakainis sya.. But amidst my unhappiness, I was able to get back to work with my bro-in-law’s internet connection (which reminds me that I really need a back up connection). So anyway, I waited ‘till 4pm since the husband and I need to go to Edsa Shang to deliver some goods and yes, eat dinner as well. Another food tripping!


If there’s an extra special gift that I received?? – Well, I am looking forward to it in the near future *wink*. For now, I am happy with ALL the blessings coming our way (for me and the husband). If there’s something that I really wish.. well, BIG SECRET un. I know it will come at the right time.

Like what I’ve said, I wish for good health for me, for the husband, and for our families; great and wonderful opportunities in terms of work, travel, adventures and life; happy marriage; and things that money can’t buy.

God has given me so much blessings for the past 31 years. Like what I’ve said, I have a great family (Papa, Mama, and Mon), a hardworking and patient husband, great friends, and supportive relatives. For that alone, I am blessed!

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