Friday, February 05, 2010

Davao Here We Come...

I promise myself that this year will be our travel year! And true to my words, we already travelled to Baguio last January (together with my family & family friends).

This february, we will have a quick get-away to Davao (city tour and overnight stay at Pearl farm). Yahoo!

I honestly can't wait to have an R&R. I saved so much for our Pearl Farm trip and hopefully, I would be able to experience their Ylang-Ylang Spa (of course with the husband too!).

Well, I haven't searched yet for the city tour since hubby's friend will be the one to tour us but I already have some ideas on places to go to. I just hope that we could try davao rafting, for experience, visit Hamigit falls, Eden Park, and of course the market for some Davao shopping experience.

As for Pearl Farm, I really have high hopes for this resort since mostly foreigners are visiting this place.

Hay, I can't wait for our vacation!


Kerslyn said...

wow, you're visiting here? when?

wish you'll have a great time here sis. :-)

Gracie said...

enjoy your much-deserved trip! :)