Thursday, April 08, 2010

Happy Easter!

So how did you spend your holy week?

Hope you were able to reflect and had some much needed rest.

As for me, my holiday started on April 2, Friday (since we are following AUS holidays) until Monday, April 5 (Easter Monday). The husband, on the other hand, was already on vacation Wednesday after lunch (sarap!).

Usually, we are spending the Holy Week out of town but since I wasn't able to file a leave earlier, we decided just to stay home for a change. We just had a quick get-away outside the city for some R&R during the weekend.

So going back on our Holy Week penance, we were able to do the Sacrament of Confession friday morning and then went on visiting 7 churches (all in QC only) for our simple Bisita Iglesia. It was nice to do this tradition pouring all your heart out while imagining the sacrifices of our Jesus Christ.

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