Thursday, March 18, 2010

Davao Trip

I already blog here about our much-awaited Davao trip. Thank you to our good friends, Jeff and Vlad for scoring a budget fare and also for Ann and Cha (minus Edward since he was in Bora that time)for touring us in Davao and for letting us stay at their place before staying overnight at Pearl Farm.

The experience is truly amazing. How I wish we spent a couple of days more so we could explore and sightsee other tourist spots in Davao, the Samal Island, more food trippings, lots of kwentuhan and more rest of course.

Here are some snapshots of our recent trip.

** If I have extra budget and internet connection is not a problem, I could stay for 2 more days at Pearl Farm. Food is lip-smacking and my husband could attest to that. But on a serious note, what I love about this place is the exclusivity and the service that you could get. Well, the price we paid for an overnight stay is truly worth every penny!


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Lloyd said...

What a wonderful and exciting blog for those of us that don't get out much. Thank you and may God bless, Lloyd