Sunday, August 01, 2010

Thank You

.. for a beautiful Sunday!

There are so many things to be thankful for and honestly I am so grateful for every single blessing that we received. Of course, there are still lots of small and big wishes (*wink wink)and I know God will surely respond at the right time.

We heard mass in the morning (our usual routine) and then had lunch at my parents house. It was a quick lunch since we need to go somewhere in the afternoon.

I'm so glad that I married someone who is a maniac driver. Basically, I don't need a map or compass for direction. I just told the husband the address and he instantly knew where to go. If I am on the driver seat, that would be a different story. I stopped driving eversince I got married because I simply dunno (or forgot) to drive a manual vehicle. When I was still single, I was used on driving an automatic vehicle. But if I'll be the one driving, perhaps, I need a map or a compass. Yes a compass! Have you ever tried reading a compass? I know that this gadget is mostly used in jungles and war zone but can you honestly use it? Well, I have a friend who is fascinated with compass and he always tell me that a compass was there to get you thinking. Hahaha, I only know that for a newbie like me, reading would take some time. So thank God for a husband who is willing to drive for me. Hooray!

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