Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Just an update

Viola, here I am again... Writing and then hiding..

Nah.. a lot of things happenned lately. Well, I've been wanting to discover a lot of things~ know my self, soul searching, everything. Perhaps, I am just flanked with work and my plate is full and I literally need a break.. Here I go again.

Oh well, I realised last night, that I am not a serious blogger. I don't update this blog, no time to write things and so on. But just to let you know I've been following a lot of blogs lately so reading I guess is my passion rather than writing, aha! In fact, I started reading a book again.. Isn't it perfect?

This October, another planned vacation is happening. Yes, yes, yo. A much needed one. It will be our first trip abroad together (and first time for the husband). Pretty excited, yes we are. Been saving so much for this trip and yes, hopefully our bundle of joy will be made out of the country. Hoping, wishing, and praying.

So far, I would say that I need a pampering treatment ~ massage, pedicure, and perhaps my "ME" time meaning, shopping. hahaa.. I can't shop when the husband is around except for grocery shopping. Anyways, speaking about the husband, he is totally committed to running lately: take note: MWF and Sats. Yes. Unfortunately, his belly tummy is still there because he cannot commit to two (2) months no drinking session. Wanna bet, honey? hahahaa.

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