Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Pardon me for lack of entries. Like what I always said, my plate is full especially now that we are expecting! I am swamped with work (which I am very much thankful), house chores (glad that husband is helping), and day to day activities.

By the way, I am officially 6th months preggy and yes, we are expecting a baby BOY! yipee... oh, husband is very much happy,you know.

Anyways, as of this writing, I am now officially window-online shopping for my baby boy. In fact, I am also checking some venues for his baptism... hahhaa. Talking about advance planning. Oh well, this is soo fun! I have to have my list already so I could ask my parents to buy it for me when they go to Canada this April.

Oh, btw, my EDD is May 24 already. Husband's birthday is May 23, so lets see what will happen. So far, so good. Baby is makulit, just like his father.. :-)

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