Sunday, March 09, 2008

Another Addiction: Online Casinos

Leo’s pastime is playing poker with his friends and I must admit, he is good at it. Sometimes we go to casino houses to try some luck too. And whenever he wins, it becomes our budget for our dates. I only make sure that this is not his habit, just a form of releasing stress.

To sharpen his skills, every now and then he checked some sites about his favorite game. He has a list of online casino reviews sites on his memo pad and once in awhile he tries playing too. I’m pretty sure he is hooked playing online, cause when his friends text or call him to play, he just nod and kept on playing on the computer. He even told me that I could learn easily on online casino reviews. The sites contains an easy to follow guide and for a neophyte like me, this can be a good start.

Thus, when his friends asked him what keeps him busy nowadays, he told them his big secret. He even told them that one day I could join their session cause I am trying my luck on playing online.

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