Saturday, July 12, 2008


Next Saturday, July 19 at 10 am, I will be having my first gown fitting and my bridal party's measurements. Yes, I am quite excited since I'll be seeing familiar faces once again and will get a chance to discuss with my girls our wedding preparations. Since it will be held at our condo in Makati, I already told Leo that I need to be there by Thursday so I could prepare also. Asked one of my attendants to sleep over in our place so she could help me out during that day. Haay... Lapit na talaga @-,---

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storybookmommy said...

Hey Andrea! I can see that you're so busy with the wedding preparations. It's really exciting to get married! I wish to do it again, fortunately I wish to be married again to the same person. =) hahaha! Tatajo and I also got married in Mt. Carmel almost six years ago. It's such a beautiful church.

Goodluck on the rest of your prep, and best wishes! I'm sure you've got it all covered, it will be a very beautiful wedding. ;)