Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Superwoman :)

Who doesnt know her? If you are a true blue blogger, well, you gotta know her!

Yup, her blog was voted last year as One of The Most Influential Blogs. Sarap!!

I knew her a couple of months ago when I applied to write some articles in the blogs that she maintained. Apparently, she's also a Project Manager for a home-based job opportunity so in less than three months, I was already under her wing!

I call her SUPERWOMAN! Imagine taking care of 7 kids, attending blog parties, speaking engagements, handling writers, and managing virtual staffs.. All rolled in one. She might be a suplada at first but honestly she's super nice. You can chat with her everything under the sun plus she teaches you how to enjoy life to the fullest. Great :)

Yes.. She is no less than
Dine Racoma!

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