Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I am enjoying my Holidays to the max! Well, aside that I have no work but fully paid (vacation mode from Dec 25 to Jan 4), I got the chance to meet good friends and chat about anything and everything under the sun (or should I say with a bottle of beer!).

Though, I have to admit that I am a little stress (with all those holiday shopping and food preparation); finally, I already experience becoming busy during the holidays- and when you say busy, busy as in you do ALL the shopping, budgeting, and budgeting. LOL!

Well, aside from partying for three days (three days in a row, my dear!), I have accomplished a lot of things too.. Had my SSS and Philhealth changed from my maiden name to married name, renewed my driver's license (though it doesn't carry yet my married name - Pa and Ma, where's my car-- didnt drive for a year), and hopefully today sort out my wedding pics (after doing some house chores and a little raket). Oh ya..

I soo LVoe this season.. And of course it would not be complete without family, relatives, and friends around..

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Gracie said...

girl, di na tayo nagkita.