Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We survived!

Luckily yes…

We celebrated our first year wedding anniversary last December 20. Nothing really extravagant since our schedules are both full-packed and the fact that I am cramming for the holidays (still need three gifts and that includes the husband’s gift -hehehe). Just looking forward for our Davao trip (and Pearl farm) this coming February 2010.

Prior getting hitched in 2008, we are in bf/gf relationship for 5 years. Families and friends always warned us that it’s a different story if you are living together already… And I must say that it is absolutely RIGHT (without any blink of an eye). Aside that you are both sharing the house expense (utilities, groceries, dining out, travelling, etc), you are also adjusting to each other’s values – which is kinda challenging. Oh well, I have lots of qualms during our first three months and I would say that the adjustment period was really tough. Good thing I have my family and good friends who is willing to share their experiences (not being biased) and yes, it opened my eyes to a LOT of things about married life. But I tell you, up to now, I am still struggling and I guess the husband too. LOL!

As they say, it will be a long journey ahead of us and we are bracing ourselves for more @-,--

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