Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Pardon me for lack of entries. Like what I always said, my plate is full especially now that we are expecting! I am swamped with work (which I am very much thankful), house chores (glad that husband is helping), and day to day activities.

By the way, I am officially 6th months preggy and yes, we are expecting a baby BOY! yipee... oh, husband is very much happy,you know.

Anyways, as of this writing, I am now officially window-online shopping for my baby boy. In fact, I am also checking some venues for his baptism... hahhaa. Talking about advance planning. Oh well, this is soo fun! I have to have my list already so I could ask my parents to buy it for me when they go to Canada this April.

Oh, btw, my EDD is May 24 already. Husband's birthday is May 23, so lets see what will happen. So far, so good. Baby is makulit, just like his father.. :-)

Monday, October 18, 2010



Last two weeks, October 8, 2010 to be exact, we received a very beautiful blessing.

Since I was delayed for weeks already (LMP: August 19), I thought of having a home pregnancy test. At first, I was hesitant to take it (got a feeling it’s going to be negative again), but what the heck, I still tried. So after waiting for a minute or so, I was literally shocked, surprised, and mixed emotions when I saw the two lines.

I called the husband and showed to him the result. He just said, buntis ka? Funny, but still I could not believe it. Some friends said that we give it another try, so I asked the husband to buy another tester and viola, POSITIVE again.

Husband did not go to work so he accompanied me to the clinic for an ultrasound, and there we saw our little bundle of joy. He got a heartbeat already! (Sayang, hindi naminnarinig). Anyways, since we are very ecstatic with the news, I posted that night at my Facebook account the result. I was still in mixed emotions and I could not ask for anything else – safe and healthy pregnancy is all I need.

Now, according to pregnancy calendar, I am on my 8th week. I am happy and excited but at the same time anxious. I’m just lucky that I have a husband who spoils me from time to time, wonderful family who never stops pampering me and friends who are happy for us as well.

To my dearest baby, I can’t stop thinking of your baptism and birthday party just to keep me sane. You are the most precious gift I have and I promise to take care myself so you will always be safe and healthy. I love you to the nth power.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Just an update

Viola, here I am again... Writing and then hiding..

Nah.. a lot of things happenned lately. Well, I've been wanting to discover a lot of things~ know my self, soul searching, everything. Perhaps, I am just flanked with work and my plate is full and I literally need a break.. Here I go again.

Oh well, I realised last night, that I am not a serious blogger. I don't update this blog, no time to write things and so on. But just to let you know I've been following a lot of blogs lately so reading I guess is my passion rather than writing, aha! In fact, I started reading a book again.. Isn't it perfect?

This October, another planned vacation is happening. Yes, yes, yo. A much needed one. It will be our first trip abroad together (and first time for the husband). Pretty excited, yes we are. Been saving so much for this trip and yes, hopefully our bundle of joy will be made out of the country. Hoping, wishing, and praying.

So far, I would say that I need a pampering treatment ~ massage, pedicure, and perhaps my "ME" time meaning, shopping. hahaa.. I can't shop when the husband is around except for grocery shopping. Anyways, speaking about the husband, he is totally committed to running lately: take note: MWF and Sats. Yes. Unfortunately, his belly tummy is still there because he cannot commit to two (2) months no drinking session. Wanna bet, honey? hahahaa.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Thank You

.. for a beautiful Sunday!

There are so many things to be thankful for and honestly I am so grateful for every single blessing that we received. Of course, there are still lots of small and big wishes (*wink wink)and I know God will surely respond at the right time.

We heard mass in the morning (our usual routine) and then had lunch at my parents house. It was a quick lunch since we need to go somewhere in the afternoon.

I'm so glad that I married someone who is a maniac driver. Basically, I don't need a map or compass for direction. I just told the husband the address and he instantly knew where to go. If I am on the driver seat, that would be a different story. I stopped driving eversince I got married because I simply dunno (or forgot) to drive a manual vehicle. When I was still single, I was used on driving an automatic vehicle. But if I'll be the one driving, perhaps, I need a map or a compass. Yes a compass! Have you ever tried reading a compass? I know that this gadget is mostly used in jungles and war zone but can you honestly use it? Well, I have a friend who is fascinated with compass and he always tell me that a compass was there to get you thinking. Hahaha, I only know that for a newbie like me, reading would take some time. So thank God for a husband who is willing to drive for me. Hooray!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Want More


If you've read my previous posts, most of my write ups are about our travels. Yes, I am hooked and I can't get enough. Early this year, we've been to Baguio (Jan), Davao (Feb), Bataan & Subic (March), and Cebu (June).. Now that we have received our passports (got it renewed), I am planning for another trip. Hopefully, we can travel before the year ends or by early next year.. Still hoping.

But as of todate, I can say that we already have tentative plans, yes and wishing that this will be pushed through the soonest possible time.

And because most of my budget goes to our travel adventures, my dream bag is put on hold. Hay! Can't have both but, I am happy though.

Monday, June 14, 2010

... Still Here

yes, I am.

Just swamped with work and laziness. Sorry blog for not updating you.


Summer is already over! And so far, I am extremely happy with all our summer vacay (Davao, Baguio, Bataan, and Cebu)..

How I wish that I could travel more.. and when I say more, it would be every weekend.. But reality does not permit us to do so.. There are bills to pay (my credit cards), utilities, and of course we need to save.. Well, I just hope it will be my motto next year..

I know I've written in this blog early this year (or late last year) that 2010 is our travel year. And surely, it was. And now, since our passports were renewed, I am looking for our international travel. I am hoping to book for either HK or Singapore trip by December (culmination of my birthday treat, anniversary gift, and holiday gift). I am also tempted to come with my brother in Taiwan, and also looking to travel in Bangkok,Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Beijing. If only I have all the money access, I would also love to join my folks in their Canada and US trip by April. Hay, ang sarap. But again, I have to consider a lot of things -- budget wise of course.

So for now, I will just save for our upcoming trip this December :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

To Go or Not To Go?

... well, we will be leaving for Cebu next month (June 5 to 7), for a much needed R & R -- thanks cebu pac for a very good fare. We are suppossed to go to Bohol (been there 2008) but the husband pleaded my desire that we spend a one night at Plantation Bay! Yes.. Lucky me.. However, here I am thinking twice.. hay naku... magulo utak ko.. I have two weeks to finalize and book everything and hopefully come May 15 or so..

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Happy Easter!

So how did you spend your holy week?

Hope you were able to reflect and had some much needed rest.

As for me, my holiday started on April 2, Friday (since we are following AUS holidays) until Monday, April 5 (Easter Monday). The husband, on the other hand, was already on vacation Wednesday after lunch (sarap!).

Usually, we are spending the Holy Week out of town but since I wasn't able to file a leave earlier, we decided just to stay home for a change. We just had a quick get-away outside the city for some R&R during the weekend.

So going back on our Holy Week penance, we were able to do the Sacrament of Confession friday morning and then went on visiting 7 churches (all in QC only) for our simple Bisita Iglesia. It was nice to do this tradition pouring all your heart out while imagining the sacrifices of our Jesus Christ.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Davao Trip

I already blog here about our much-awaited Davao trip. Thank you to our good friends, Jeff and Vlad for scoring a budget fare and also for Ann and Cha (minus Edward since he was in Bora that time)for touring us in Davao and for letting us stay at their place before staying overnight at Pearl Farm.

The experience is truly amazing. How I wish we spent a couple of days more so we could explore and sightsee other tourist spots in Davao, the Samal Island, more food trippings, lots of kwentuhan and more rest of course.

Here are some snapshots of our recent trip.

** If I have extra budget and internet connection is not a problem, I could stay for 2 more days at Pearl Farm. Food is lip-smacking and my husband could attest to that. But on a serious note, what I love about this place is the exclusivity and the service that you could get. Well, the price we paid for an overnight stay is truly worth every penny!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

To My Dear Husband,

Happy Valentines Day!

Thank you for understanding my tantrums and stubborness!

I love you so much to the nth power.

You are the only person who makes my world upside down.

I am so glad I found you ~ my husband, my bestfriend, my everything.

Looking forward for more Vday together!

Hugs & Kisses,



Usually, we are spending Sunday lunch with my family. But since it's Vday, I told the husband that we are going to have a "lunch date". We drove to Timog at 12noon. I initially wanted to eat at Alfredo's but he doesn't like the idea. So, we searched for other restos in the area and found Red Crab/The Flying Pig.

I would say that for it's price, it's kinda pricey. But it's worth every penny since I am with the husband. LOL!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Davao Here We Come...

I promise myself that this year will be our travel year! And true to my words, we already travelled to Baguio last January (together with my family & family friends).

This february, we will have a quick get-away to Davao (city tour and overnight stay at Pearl farm). Yahoo!

I honestly can't wait to have an R&R. I saved so much for our Pearl Farm trip and hopefully, I would be able to experience their Ylang-Ylang Spa (of course with the husband too!).

Well, I haven't searched yet for the city tour since hubby's friend will be the one to tour us but I already have some ideas on places to go to. I just hope that we could try davao rafting, for experience, visit Hamigit falls, Eden Park, and of course the market for some Davao shopping experience.

As for Pearl Farm, I really have high hopes for this resort since mostly foreigners are visiting this place.

Hay, I can't wait for our vacation!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Would You?

If you are in a relationship, would you demand or expect something from your partner?


I never demanded anything or set ground rules for my partner. I always believe that you make your own choices and you better be conscious of what your partner would feel.

But I guess the case is not always like that. Or perhaps, we always have selfish reasons why we keep on hurting the person we love or the person that loves us.

In the long run, both of you should keep your composure. Have some space (especially if both of you are burnt out), and think things over seriously. Proper dialogue would come if you are both ready to admit faults (the word "sorry" is already overused) and change for the better (not because it is a must, but because your vows are important as ever).

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Emotional or Physical Hurt?

either of which, the truth is.. it hurts still.

have you ever experienced comforting someone but at the end, he/she does not recognize it? it feels so bad right?!

a friend of mine once told me this... be careful with your choice of words since it is permanent and you can never take it back.

now i realise that, let the person dwell on his/her sorrows and perhaps, when he/she needs a shoulder to cry on then that is the time you will hold his/her hand and say something nice. but other than that, let it go....

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I am enjoying my Holidays to the max! Well, aside that I have no work but fully paid (vacation mode from Dec 25 to Jan 4), I got the chance to meet good friends and chat about anything and everything under the sun (or should I say with a bottle of beer!).

Though, I have to admit that I am a little stress (with all those holiday shopping and food preparation); finally, I already experience becoming busy during the holidays- and when you say busy, busy as in you do ALL the shopping, budgeting, and budgeting. LOL!

Well, aside from partying for three days (three days in a row, my dear!), I have accomplished a lot of things too.. Had my SSS and Philhealth changed from my maiden name to married name, renewed my driver's license (though it doesn't carry yet my married name - Pa and Ma, where's my car-- didnt drive for a year), and hopefully today sort out my wedding pics (after doing some house chores and a little raket). Oh ya..

I soo LVoe this season.. And of course it would not be complete without family, relatives, and friends around..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We survived!

Luckily yes…

We celebrated our first year wedding anniversary last December 20. Nothing really extravagant since our schedules are both full-packed and the fact that I am cramming for the holidays (still need three gifts and that includes the husband’s gift -hehehe). Just looking forward for our Davao trip (and Pearl farm) this coming February 2010.

Prior getting hitched in 2008, we are in bf/gf relationship for 5 years. Families and friends always warned us that it’s a different story if you are living together already… And I must say that it is absolutely RIGHT (without any blink of an eye). Aside that you are both sharing the house expense (utilities, groceries, dining out, travelling, etc), you are also adjusting to each other’s values – which is kinda challenging. Oh well, I have lots of qualms during our first three months and I would say that the adjustment period was really tough. Good thing I have my family and good friends who is willing to share their experiences (not being biased) and yes, it opened my eyes to a LOT of things about married life. But I tell you, up to now, I am still struggling and I guess the husband too. LOL!

As they say, it will be a long journey ahead of us and we are bracing ourselves for more @-,--